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Summer Camp


This summer camp is designed to support kids, ages 4-9, in connecting with nature, community, and FUN! We will play games, make things with our hands, sing songs, play music, do theatre, practice yoga, listen to stories, chase, splash, run, hide, giggle, rest, and delight in our summer! All while supporting the children and ourselves in building self and relationship skills, engaging in environmental and social justice, and deepening our inner happiness.  

The program was developed in collaboration with the Emergent Learning Flock teaching team! Check out their homeschool program here.



We are doing are best to navigate the health and safety of community and restrictions/limitations of gathering due to Covid-19.  We have decided to cancel camps that were set for June and early July. We are planning to move forward with camp in August and extending to camp to three weeks instead of two to support group stability.  We will share the practices that we will put into place in August once we have finished working on them.


Aug 3rd-20th

Cordonices Park

What do the elements feel like in our bodies? Could we develop real super powers with them in mind? Or maybe create wild characters who know how to use them...We will ignite our inner fires, flow with the water, frolic with the air, and grounded into the earth!  In this session, we will open our senses to the elements and our wild animal bodies. We will use storytelling, games, acting, and observation to deepen our inner and outer tracking and understanding of the elements. 

We will invite conversation, art, and altar making on current events related to Covid-19 and in support of the Black Lives Matter movement. We aim to create a safe and inclusive space for kids to play, connect, and learn in community.

All sessions run Monday-Thursday, 9:30-2. After care may be available from 2-5 for an additional $10 per hour. 

3 Days Per Week: $585

4 Days Per Week: $780

We are going to prioritize families who are interested in coming 4 days per week and minimize spots available for 3 days. As part of the Covid guidelines we are doing our best to keep a "stable" group through out the session. We are going to keep the total number of kids below fifteen.


My kids, ages 3 and 6, love "Ashley Camp"!  They enjoy exploring nature and completing the hands-on projects, often doing them over and over again at home on the following days - preparing healing salves, planting seeds, making tea from Redwood tree needles, etc.  I feel good knowing that my kids are spending their days outside, experiencing and learning about nature, physically using their bodies and breathing in fresh air. Both of my kids love Ashley, and can't wait for this summer!

Monique W, Berkeley

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Core Facilitators

Effie Rawlings

Lead Teacher

Ashley Newton

Lead Teacher


Frequently Asked Questions

Can we sign up for part of a session?

To keep enrollment simple, we ask that families sign up for full sessions even if you will miss some days for vacation.

Are there scholarships available?

Yes! There are limited scholarships available. Please contact us for more info.

What ages is it for?

Kids ages 4-9! A mature three might work :) Let us know if you have a three year old you want to join.

Will kids be outside all day?

Pretty much! We will have some movement classes indoors, but other than that we will be out all day. Kids will needs to bring layers on cold days!




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