Nature Days

A weekly play group for kids 6-10, that focuses on the developing well being through engaging in the healing arts, nature connection, and social action. 

Topics are emergent and are developed cooperatively by the kids, families, and teachers. The group is aimed to provide a place for kids to play, learn nature connection skills, and be in community. We aim to create spaces where kids can grow up in a community that practices “power with” models of learning and relating so that we can heal “power over” forms of education, training, and relating.  

While specific topics and modalities will emerge based on interest, we will have core practices and interest that develop over the year to support us, including:  

  • Making altars to support meaning making

  • Engaging in embodiment practices that help children regulate stress and build awareness

  • Wild harvesting and medicine making

  • Deepening reciprocity with land and spirit, making land offerings

  • Creating ceremonial spaces to mark changes in season and cycles

  • Taking social action to support social and climate justice

  • Playing games and going on adventures 

  • Deepening nature connection skills like fire tending and animal tracking

  • Learning local and familial history that uplift native perspectives


Fall-Winter Season: Sept 14th-Dec 17th

Days: Mon, Tues, Wed

Time:  9:30-2 (aftercare until 3:30 potentially available with a minimum of 3 kids) 

Season Tuition: 

3 Days per week: 2,262

         587 per month

2 Days per week: 1508

        391 per month

Sliding scale spots will be available to support accessibility for families! To inquire about how that works, fill out form below. 

​Location TBD: In Nevada City/Grass Valley area. Looking for a great spot with open land to play on, a spot to be inside when it’s super cold or stormy and ideally a creek :)

Coronavirus agreements: This group will orient to as a “pod” as far as exposure and contact. This would allow the kids to be in community without needing to wear masks or socially distance. This means it will be necessary for families to engage in communication about agreements, exposure to other people, events, testing etc. Covid Policy will be agreed upon prior to enrollment. 

Group Size: Per state mandate will limit group to 12 total students. We will have 2 teachers, so the student teacher ratio will be 1/6 at most, which is high for this age group! We will only run the program if we have enough families to make it financially viable.

Licensing This program is designed to be an outdoor enrichment program for school age kids. Your kids must, legally, be a registered homeschooler, charter school student, or public school student in order to attend.

If you are interested in joining, please fill out this form to let us know. We will have two welcome nights in August for interested families. Dates and times will be sent to those who have filled out the form.



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