Imagine a place where your child spends their days playing surrounded by trees, the chirping of birds, and in sweet community. A place where their hearts and tenderness are held fully and they are encouraged to be bold, take risks, and following the threads of their own curiosity. A place that encourages them to be strong, soft, open, safe, kind, vibrant, and happy.


Our Mission

Our mission is to participate in raising this generation of children, and ourselves, to be awake to the interconnectedness of all life. Through holding nature based learning groups, we foster the development of a direct and reciprocal relationship with the earth and all its beings. We are committed to engaging life in ways that are sustainable and just. We cultivate community that encourages joy, connection, and deep respect for self and others.


A sweet glimpse of the program through our fundraising video.


What Parents Say

Ashley is meant for this work. My daughter often has a hard time connecting with and being seen by adults outside her family, but both she and I have always felt wholly supported by Ashley's gentle and intuitive holding of child-centered spaces. As a facilitator Ashley is thoughtful and intentional, and has the unique ability to follow the waves of kid interest and attention as they roll through while holding her instructional goals in sight. She is committed to supporting the experience of each child trusted to her care. As a parent I trust her implicitly - which is pretty much the highest praise any parent can offer!

Jessica D.

Pilates & Dance Instructor, Oakland

"Ashley is amazing with children. Our daughter has been with her for two years now and we hope our son will join her program when he is old enough. Ashley is a very caring and nurturing person. She demonstrates compassionate communication with the children and assists them with their developing emotions. She is very observant and attentive with the kids and she also has an aptitude for helping kids resolve conflict.

The kids spend time outdoors absorbing information in a nature-based learning approach. We feel that this program has helped our daughter be prepared to go out into the world 

and pursue other opportunities.”

Doran M., Berkeley 

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Ready to join



Frequently Asked Questions

How much is school tuition?

You can see the Programs Page for a list of tuition costs. There will be scholarships available for Fall 2020!

What's the application process?

First you will fill out the online application with some basic info about you and your family. Second, we will schedule a phone conversation to see if if feels like a fit. After that we will set up a time for you to come visit the program!

Are kids outside all day?

Yes! This program is almost entirely outdoors. Every now and then we call an indoor day due to cold weather or rain, but it's important that you feel comfortable with your kids being outside all day in all weather.

How much free play to kids get?

One of the core values of the program is to provide children with opportunity to engage in free play every day. Every day, children are given the opportunity to engage in cooperative games, handwork, and free play.


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