• Ashley Newton

Build an Equinox Altar with your Kids!

Equinox marks the time when the light and dark are in balance. In traditions all around the world people celebrate the coming of the light, birth, newness, and growth. “Because this is the time of balance between dark and light, it is also the time when we examine all kinds of balance in our lives- in particular, the balance between life and death” (Circle Round, by Starhawk, Baker, and Hill.)

March 19th is the actual equinox this year, you can celebrate on the three days surrounding!

Kids love making altars, it can really bring everyone together. Here’s some ideas for spring equinox altar making.

*Set out two clothes - one bright and one dark as the base of the altar

*Add Images of nature that connect you to birth: eggs, nests, pregnancy, babies

*Something that connects you to light: a candle or bright colors

*Add pieces of nature that connect you to the growing and expanding quality of life: Living plants, seeds, moss, flower petals

*Make is as beautiful and cohesive as possible!